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Are you struggling to understand the concept of natural selection? Fear not! The Amoeba Sisters have got you covered. In this video recap, we will go through the key points of their video on natural selection answer sheet, which will help you to understand the concept more clearly.

What is Natural Selection?

Natural selection is a process where organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring. It is one of the key mechanisms of evolution, which drives the changes in the genetic makeup of a population over time.

How Does Natural Selection Work?

Natural selection works in three simple steps: variation, selection, and inheritance. Firstly, there is variation in a population, meaning that individuals have different traits. Secondly, there is selection, where the environment selects the individuals with the most advantageous traits. Finally, there is inheritance, where the advantageous traits are passed on to the next generation.

Examples of Natural Selection

One of the most famous examples of natural selection is the peppered moth in England. Before the Industrial Revolution, the majority of the peppered moths had a light color, which helped them to blend in with the light-colored tree bark. However, when the Industrial Revolution caused pollution to darken the tree bark, the darker-colored moths had an advantage and survived, passing on their advantageous traits to the next generation.

Why is Natural Selection Important?

Natural selection is important because it is the driving force behind evolution. Without natural selection, there would be no change in the genetic makeup of a population over time. Natural selection also helps to explain the diversity of life on Earth, as each species has evolved to be perfectly adapted to their environment.


In conclusion, natural selection is a crucial process that drives evolution and explains the diversity of life on Earth. The Amoeba Sisters\’ video recap on natural selection answer sheet provides an excellent overview of this concept and its importance. By understanding natural selection, we can better appreciate the complexity and beauty of life on our planet.

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