Anne Of Green Gables Characters: The Best Of The Best

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The Anne of Green Gables series has been beloved by readers of all ages since its publication in 1908. Written by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, the series follows the adventures of the spirited Anne Shirley, an orphan girl adopted by the Cuthbert family in rural Prince Edward Island. Along the way, Anne meets a variety of characters who become her friends and family. In celebration of the series’ 115th anniversary, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable Anne of Green Gables characters.

Anne Shirley

The main protagonist of the series, Anne Shirley is a precocious and imaginative girl who loves to read, write stories, and solve problems. She has a fiery temper and a sharp tongue, but is also kind and loyal. She is determined to make her mark in the world and has a deep capacity for understanding and compassion. Anne is a true literary heroine who continues to inspire readers of all ages.

Matthew Cuthbert

Matthew Cuthbert is the shy, gentle brother of Marilla Cuthbert, and the one who convinces his sister to take Anne in. He is a kind, generous, and thoughtful man who enjoys reading and gardening. He is often described as a “man of few words”, but he communicates his love for Anne through his actions. He is the perfect father figure for Anne, and his unconditional love is one of the most heartwarming aspects of the series.

Marilla Cuthbert

Marilla Cuthbert is the stern but loving guardian of Anne. She is practical, hard-working, and has a no-nonsense attitude. At first she is hesitant to take in Anne, but eventually she comes to love her like a daughter. She is often seen as the voice of reason and is a source of stability in Anne’s life.

Diana Barry

Diana Barry is Anne’s first and best friend. She is the daughter of a wealthy family and is described as being “as pretty as a pink rose”. She is loyal, kind, and has a good heart, and she is always willing to help Anne in her schemes and adventures. The girls’ friendship is one of the most cherished aspects of the series.

Gilbert Blythe

Gilbert Blythe is Anne’s romantic interest, and the two of them are often at odds. Gilbert is an intelligent and ambitious student who is determined to become a doctor. He teases Anne and calls her “Carrots”, but at the same time he is deeply in love with her. He is a loyal and dependable friend, and his unwavering devotion to Anne is one of the sweetest aspects of the series.

Rachel Lynde

Rachel Lynde is a nosy but well-meaning neighbor of the Cuthberts. She is a gossipy and opinionated woman, but she also has a heart of gold and is always willing to help her neighbors. She is a surrogate mother to Anne, and her advice and counsel often helps Anne to make the right decisions.

Miss Muriel Stacy

Miss Muriel Stacy is a beautiful, wealthy, and intelligent woman. She is highly educated and well-traveled, and she often helps Anne to broaden her horizons. She is a mentor to Anne, and her guidance helps Anne to become a more confident and independent woman.

Mrs. Blewett

Mrs. Blewett is the owner of the store in town. She is a kind and generous woman, often willing to give Anne and her friends credit when they are short of money. She is a key figure in the community, and her generosity often helps the townspeople get through hard times.

Mr. Phillips

Mr. Phillips is the headmaster at the school Anne attends. He is a kind and patient teacher, and he often helps Anne with her studies. He is a strict disciplinarian, but he has a soft spot for Anne and often cuts her some slack when she gets into trouble.


The world of Anne of Green Gables is filled with characters who are as vibrant and memorable as Anne herself. From the loyal Diana Barry and the devoted Matthew Cuthbert to the wise Miss Muriel Stacy and the generous Mrs. Blewett, the characters of the series are as beloved as the series itself. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, the characters of Anne of Green Gables are sure to win your heart.

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