Genetic Crosses That Involve 2 Traits Pdf Answer Key: Explained

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Genetics is a fascinating field of study that deals with the inheritance of traits from one generation to another. One of the key concepts in genetics is the understanding of genetic crosses involving two traits. In this article, we will explore the basics of genetic crosses that involve two traits and provide a PDF answer key for easy reference.

What are Genetic Crosses Involving Two Traits?

Genetic crosses involving two traits are also known as dihybrid crosses. These crosses involve the inheritance of two different traits at the same time. For example, a dihybrid cross could involve the inheritance of eye color and hair color at the same time.

How to Perform a Genetic Cross Involving Two Traits

Performing a genetic cross involving two traits requires an understanding of Punnett squares. A Punnett square is a grid that helps to predict the probability of offspring inheriting certain traits from their parents. To perform a dihybrid cross, you will need to create a Punnett square that is twice as large as the one used for a monohybrid cross.

Example of a Dihybrid Cross

Let\’s take the example of a dihybrid cross involving eye color and hair color. Suppose that brown eyes (B) are dominant over blue eyes (b), and black hair (H) is dominant over blonde hair (h). If a person with brown eyes and black hair (BbHh) mates with another person who also has brown eyes and black hair (BbHh), what is the probability that their offspring will have blue eyes and blonde hair? Using a Punnett square, we can calculate the probability of the offspring inheriting each trait. The resulting answer key is available in the PDF file provided.


In conclusion, genetic crosses that involve two traits are an important part of genetics. By understanding the basics of dihybrid crosses and using Punnett squares, we can predict the probability of offspring inheriting certain traits from their parents. We hope that this article and the accompanying PDF answer key will help you to better understand this fascinating field of study.

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