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The Global History Regents Exam is a standardized test taken by high school students in the state of New York. It is designed to assess their knowledge of world history and geography, as well as their critical thinking and writing skills. The exam is divided into two parts: Part I, which consists of multiple-choice questions, and Part II, which requires students to write essays based on historical documents. In this article, we will provide you with some sample questions and answers for the Global History Regents Exam by topic.

Ancient Civilizations

1. What was the significance of the Nile River to the ancient Egyptians? Answer: The Nile River provided fertile land for agriculture and transportation for trade. 2. How did the geography of Greece affect its development? Answer: The mountainous terrain of Greece made it difficult for different regions to unite under one government, leading to the development of city-states.

The Middle Ages

1. What were the causes of the Crusades? Answer: The Crusades were caused by religious conflicts between Christians and Muslims over control of the Holy Land. 2. What was the role of the Catholic Church in medieval Europe? Answer: The Catholic Church was a dominant force in medieval Europe, controlling much of the land and serving as a unifying cultural and religious institution.

Age of Exploration

1. What were the motivations for European exploration of the Americas? Answer: European explorers were motivated by a desire for new trade routes, the spread of Christianity, and the acquisition of wealth. 2. What were the consequences of European colonization of the Americas? Answer: The colonization of the Americas led to the displacement and enslavement of indigenous populations, the spread of disease, and the exploitation of resources.

The Modern Era

1. What were the causes of World War I? Answer: The causes of World War I included the complex system of alliances between European nations, economic competition, and nationalism. 2. What were the causes of the Cold War? Answer: The Cold War was caused by ideological differences between the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as the fear of nuclear war.


In conclusion, the Global History Regents Exam covers a wide range of topics from ancient civilizations to the modern era. By studying these sample questions and answers, you can prepare yourself for the exam and improve your knowledge of world history and geography. Remember to focus on developing your critical thinking and writing skills, as these are essential for success on the exam. Good luck!

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