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It\’s that time of year again when carolers fill the streets with festive cheer. But have you ever wondered how well you know your Christmas carols? This year, we bring you a fun and interactive game – Guess the Carol Emoji Edition. In this game, you will have to decipher the carol titles from a series of emojis. Are you up for the challenge? Let\’s dive in!

How to Play

To play Guess the Carol Emoji Edition, all you need to do is look at the series of emojis and guess the carol title they represent. Each emoji represents a word or phrase from the carol title. For example, a Christmas tree emoji might represent the word \”tree\” in a carol title. Once you have guessed the carol title, simply type it in the box provided and hit submit.

Tips for Playing

To make the game more fun, we recommend playing it with friends or family members. You can even set a time limit to make it more challenging. If you\’re stuck on a particular carol, try breaking down the emojis to see which words or phrases they represent. You can also use the hint button to get a clue about the carol title.

Game Levels

Guess the Carol Emoji Edition has three levels – Easy, Medium, and Hard. In the Easy level, you will be given a series of emojis that represent popular and well-known carols. In the Medium level, the carols will be slightly more challenging, with some lesser-known ones thrown in. In the Hard level, you will be given a mix of well-known and obscure carols, making it the most challenging level.


For each correct answer, you will be awarded points based on the level you are playing. Easy level answers are worth 1 point, Medium level answers are worth 2 points, and Hard level answers are worth 3 points. You can also earn bonus points for answering all the questions in a level correctly.


Guess the Carol Emoji Edition is a fun and interactive game that will test your knowledge of Christmas carols. Whether you\’re playing alone or with friends, it\’s a great way to get into the festive spirit. So what are you waiting for? Start playing now and see how many carols you can guess correctly!

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