Kahoot Answer Key By Code: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

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Kahoot is a popular learning and game-based platform that allows educators to create interactive quizzes, surveys, and discussions to engage students. One of the challenges faced by educators is ensuring that students take the quizzes seriously and do not cheat. However, with the Kahoot answer key by code, educators can prevent cheating and ensure that students receive accurate scores.

What is Kahoot Answer Key by Code?

Kahoot answer key by code is a unique feature that allows educators to lock quizzes with a code, preventing unauthorized access. When students attempt to join the Kahoot quiz, they will be prompted to enter the code provided by the teacher. The code ensures that only authorized students can access the quiz and prevents cheating.

How to Use Kahoot Answer Key by Code?

To use Kahoot answer key by code, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Kahoot account and create a quiz.
  • Click on the \”Settings\” icon and select \”Challenge\” mode.
  • Enter the number of questions and the time limit for the quiz.
  • Click on the \”Security\” tab and toggle the \”Require players to enter a game PIN\” button.
  • Enter a unique game PIN and click on \”Create\” to generate the code.
  • Share the code with your students, and they can enter it to access the quiz.

Advantages of Using Kahoot Answer Key by Code

There are several advantages of using Kahoot answer key by code, including:

  • Preventing cheating: The code ensures that only authorized students can access the quiz, preventing cheating.
  • Accurate scores: Kahoot answer key by code ensures that students receive accurate scores based on their performance.
  • Engaging learning: Kahoot quizzes are fun and interactive, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable.
  • Easy to use: The process of creating and sharing the code is straightforward and easy to use.

Best Practices for Using Kahoot Answer Key by Code

To get the most out of Kahoot answer key by code, consider implementing these best practices:

  • Set clear expectations: Communicate to your students that cheating is not tolerated and that the code is in place to ensure fair play.
  • Monitor the quiz: Keep an eye on your students and ensure that they are not sharing the code with others.
  • Create engaging quizzes: Use Kahoot\’s features to create fun and interactive quizzes that keep your students engaged.
  • Provide feedback: Use Kahoot\’s feedback features to provide students with constructive feedback on their performance.


In conclusion, Kahoot answer key by code is a powerful tool that can help educators prevent cheating and ensure fair play. By following the steps outlined in this guide and implementing best practices, you can create engaging quizzes that promote learning and keep your students motivated. With Kahoot, learning has never been more fun!

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