Lord Of The Flies Chapter 2 Summary

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Lord of the Flies is a classic novel by William Golding, first published in 1954. The novel is set on a deserted island, where a group of boys find themselves stranded after their plane crashes. In the second chapter of the novel, the boys start to organize themselves and form a society. They elect a leader, create a set of rules, and attempt to create a safe and functioning environment.

The Meeting

The chapter begins with all of the boys gathered together in a clearing. Ralph, the main character, is elected leader of the group, and gives a rousing speech about the need to work together and to build shelters. He is supported by Jack, the leader of the choirboys. Jack is eager to hunt and to show off his strength.

The Rules

The boys agree to a set of rules, including the need to keep a fire burning in order to attract passing ships, and the need for elected leadership. They also agree to meet every day at a designated spot in order to discuss the progress of the group.

The Littluns

The boys also decide to divide into two groups: the biguns, or older boys, and the littluns, or younger boys. The littluns are too young to help with the work, and so they are left to their own devices. They spend their time playing and exploring the island, and often have strange, mysterious adventures.

The Fire

Jack and his choirboys are tasked with the responsibility of starting and maintaining the fire. They set up a makeshift camp near the beach and start a fire. Unfortunately, the fire quickly gets out of control and starts a forest fire. The boys are able to put out the fire, but not before it has caused considerable damage to the island.

The Beast

The boys are terrified by the prospect of a beast living on the island. They start to tell stories of a monstrous creature that lives in the dark jungle. The fear of the beast begins to haunt the boys and they become increasingly paranoid.

The Parachute Man

The boys also see the figure of a man parachuting over the island. The boys are excited and hopeful, but the figure turns out to be a dead pilot, whose body is discovered by Jack and Ralph. The boys are shocked and disturbed by the dead man, and their hopes of rescue are dashed.

Piggy\’s Glasses

Piggy, the fat and asthmatic boy, is the group\’s intellectual. He is the only one with glasses, which the group uses to start the fire. Soon, Jack and his choirboys become obsessed with the glasses and they start to bully Piggy.


At the end of the chapter, the boys are beginning to settle into their new society. They have elected a leader, created a set of rules, and started a fire. However, their newfound security is threatened by the fear of a beast, the discovery of a dead man, and the bullying of Piggy.

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