Of Mice And Men Chapter 2 Summary

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John Steinbeck\’s novel, Of Mice and Men, is set in the 1930s and follows the lives of two migrant workers, George Milton and Lennie Small. In Chapter Two, the two men arrive at the ranch and meet the other workers. They also meet the boss, Curley, and his wife, who is not given a name.

Meeting the Boss

George and Lennie are immediately warned about Curley, who is the son of the boss and is known for picking fights with the other workers. Curley is described as a small, hostile man with a lot of muscle and a hand that is always curled into a fist. He is also described as having very small feet, which he is particularly sensitive about.

Meeting Curley\’s Wife

At the ranch, George and Lennie also meet Curley\’s wife. She is a young woman who is described as pretty but has the \”voice of a mouse.\” She is not given a name in the novel, which gives her an ethereal quality. Curley\’s wife is described as a flirt, which makes the other workers uncomfortable. She is also seen as a threat to their dreams of one day owning their own land.

The Bunkhouse

The ranch is made up of a bunkhouse, a cookhouse, and a barn. The bunkhouse is where the workers sleep and is described as a long, rectangular building with one door and twelve bunk beds. The workers are friendly to one another, but there is a feeling of loneliness in the bunkhouse. The men often talk about their hopes and dreams, but they know that these dreams are unlikely to come true.

The Setting

The setting of the ranch is important to the novel. The landscape is described as being bleak and desolate, which reflects the feelings of the workers. They are lonely and isolated, and the land around them reflects this. The setting also serves as a reminder of the difficult lives the men lead, and how hard it is to make a living during the Great Depression.

The Dream

The main focus of the chapter is the dream George and Lennie share of one day owning their own land. They tell the other workers about their plans to buy a small piece of land and live off of the land. This dream gives the men hope, but it also serves as a reminder of how difficult it is for them to achieve their goals.


In Chapter Two of Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie arrive at the ranch and meet the other workers. They also meet Curley and his wife, and are warned about Curley\’s temper. The ranch is described as a bleak and desolate place, and the men often talk of their dreams of one day owning their own land. Despite the difficulties they face, the dream of having their own land gives the men hope.

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