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As we dive deeper into the world of geometry, we come across various shapes, figures, and formulas. One of the most common and important shapes in geometry is the right triangle. We all have studied about it in school, and know that it has some unique properties that make it stand out from the rest. However, there are some special right triangles that have even more interesting properties. In this article, we will discuss one such special right triangle and its color by number worksheet answer key.

What are Special Right Triangles?

Before we talk about the special right triangle that we will be discussing in this article, let\’s first understand what special right triangles are. Special right triangles are those right triangles that have unique and specific angles and side ratios. These triangles are special because they have some properties that make them easy to work with and solve. The two most common types of special right triangles are the 45-45-90 triangle and the 30-60-90 triangle.

The 30-60-90 Triangle

The 30-60-90 triangle is a special right triangle that has angles of 30, 60, and 90 degrees. The sides of this triangle have specific ratios that make it easy to solve. The ratio of the sides is 1:√3:2. This means that the side opposite the 30-degree angle is half the hypotenuse, and the side opposite the 60-degree angle is √3 times smaller than the hypotenuse. This triangle is also called an equilateral triangle cut in half.

Color by Number Worksheet

Now that we have understood what a 30-60-90 triangle is, let\’s move on to the color by number worksheet. This worksheet is a fun and interactive way to learn and practice solving 30-60-90 triangles. The worksheet consists of a triangle divided into several small triangles, each with a number in it. The numbers are the answers to the questions that need to be solved.

How to Solve the Worksheet

To solve the worksheet, you first need to identify the hypotenuse of the triangle. This will be the longest side of the triangle and will be opposite the 90-degree angle. Once you have identified the hypotenuse, you can use the ratios to find the other two sides of the triangle. The side opposite the 30-degree angle will be half the hypotenuse, and the side opposite the 60-degree angle will be √3 times smaller than the hypotenuse.

Using the Answer Key

Once you have solved all the questions on the worksheet, you can use the answer key to check your answers. The answer key consists of the same triangle as the worksheet, but with the correct answers filled in. You can then color the triangles according to the color code given to create a beautiful and colorful image.


In conclusion, special right triangles are an important part of geometry, and the 30-60-90 triangle is one of the most commonly used special right triangles. The color by number worksheet is a fun and interactive way to learn and practice solving these triangles. By using the ratios and the answer key provided, you can easily solve the questions and create a beautiful image at the same time. So, go ahead and try out the worksheet, and have fun while learning!

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