Which Of The Following Is Not An Example Of Cui?

Which of the Following Is Not an Example of Cui from karleedesnhparks.blogspot.com

CUI stands for Controlled Unclassified Information, a type of data that requires special handling, protections, and controls. CUI is often used to ensure sensitive data is kept secure and not shared with unauthorized parties. But what exactly is CUI, and which of the following is not an example of CUI?

CUI is defined by the U.S. Government as “information that requires safeguarding or dissemination controls pursuant to and consistent with applicable law, regulations, and government-wide policies.” In other words, CUI is any type of data that must be kept secure, whether it’s classified, sensitive, or confidential. Examples of CUI include Social Security numbers, financial information, and trade secrets.

Which of the Following is Not an Example of CUI?

Although CUI may include a wide range of data, there are some types of information that do not qualify as CUI. For example, public information is not considered CUI, as it can be freely shared without any restrictions. Other types of information that do not qualify as CUI include information that is deemed too trivial or too inconsequential to warrant safeguards, and information that is not considered sensitive or confidential.

Additionally, CUI does not include information that is considered “for official use only” or “not for public release.” This type of information is typically not considered confidential and is often shared internally among government agencies or departments. It is important to note, however, that this type of information may still require special handling or safeguards.


CUI is an important classification of data that must be protected from unauthorized disclosure and sharing. It is important to understand which types of data qualify as CUI in order to ensure that sensitive information is kept secure. As a general rule, CUI does not include public information, trivial or inconsequential information, or information that is not considered sensitive or confidential.

When handling CUI, it is important to ensure that the data is kept secure and is only shared with authorized parties. Additionally, it is important to follow all applicable regulations and government-wide policies related to CUI. By understanding CUI and taking the necessary steps to protect it, organizations can ensure that sensitive data remains secure and confidential.

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